PortraitComposer and Sound artist collaborating with different visual artists, filmmakers, researchers and musicians.

My main interest is to merge the sonic and musical elements together in artistic and scientific circumstances to create a unique language for expression and transmission with focusing on human voice and animal sounds as the main sonic resource to decode the human and animal interjections and apply them as the postulate sonic material for my compositions. In my opinion, the artistic aspect cannot be separated from the scientific side which makes the projects exclusively interdisciplinary and could demand different specific skills and vast collaborations for defining and developing them.

This interest comes from my childhood while I was encountering the alphabets and characters in kindergarten and primary school I was trying to listen to the words and letter’s sounds and was trying to find or invent a new consonant/vowel by discovering a new position of the tongue and adjusting the air pressure to produce a new sound! I never succeed but still, I am even more interested in to explore and study more about the sonic phenomena. When we are dealing with the complexity and complicated culmination of our cosmos we need to collaborate with the others to gather our experiences, the nature of the collaboration also is something that makes me more motivated to be more creative and more attracted to be involved in the projects, different professional collaborators with totally contrasting background could create new achievements and most of the time helps to explore the new horizons.