Audioblast Festival


Networked audio, digital sound creation festival using the network as a place of diffusion, experimental, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic, contemporary music. The sound and music networking practice is becoming more important, the public is very interested in this kind of new practice and Apo33 continues to develop this unique festival worldwide! There is no equivalent. It is a festival associated with new forms of music and sound, which allows to cross the concert, the performance and a form of exhibition where the public can sit, listen to the concerts, wander and interact with the artists online during their “live”; offering the possibility of “chatting” live with the musicians. The barrier of the show bursts: the public is no longer in its place and the artist on stage: a cross between the two.

Intermedia platform. Free entry

Thursday from 6p.m to 11p.m

Friday from 6p.m to 11p.m

Saturday from 11a.m to 10p.m