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JangeJafange” is combined word in Persian language which mean “Futile-war” [/jang/ = war] [/jafang/= Futile].

Every day we start our life with our pre-defined and pre-circumcized social media world! I just made a scroll on my Facebook page and record my news feed one by one in June 2017 and tried to use them as a sound material to create a sound collage.

Sound collage (“glueing together”) is a technique where you put together your sonic elements (could be any kind) to create or define a composition or you can call it also montage.

Is the social media giving us a certain direction to think about the certain things or we are shaping our social media with our thoughts?


Il Cinema Ritrovato

Il Cinema astratto  – Sunday 25th June  – 17 h Sala Cervi

Collaboration with “Il Cinema Ritrovato 2017” & “Music Conservatory of Bologna”

Sonorisation of  Le retour à la raison (Francia/1923, 3’) di Man Ray. “Le Retour à la Raison” is a 1923 film directed by Man Ray. It consists of animated textures, Rayographs and the torso of Kiki of Montparnasse.

Check our catalogue of the event >>>  CRKIDS 2017

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The preview




Sound artist: Amirabbas Mohammadi
Project Director: Julia Tieke

The Wurfsendung presents radio art in ultra-short formats: radio plays, features, and sound art in a maximum of forty-five seconds. Since September 2004 Deutschlandfunk Kultur has produced over 2,600 Wurfsendung segments in approximately 250 series. The Wurfsendung segments are scattered throughout the daily program of the radio station. Without a set timeslot, they can be heard during a music and literary magazine, noon report, or a philosophy program, and in between interviews, music, reports, and news. The experimental format cultivates absurd thoughts, new perspectives, and intelligent humour. For SAVVY (documenta 14 Commissioned Sound Work) Funk artists produced new Wurfsendung contributions, which, together with a specifically curated selection of older pieces, randomly punctuate the Program. The Wurfsendung is produced by the radio art department of Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Special thanks to all the colleagues and friends who helped me to realise this project.

klingt gut! 2017 International Symposium on Sound

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 21.22.41.png

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the Audio Engineering Society Hamburg Student Section are pleased to announce the third installment of klingt gut! International Symposium on Sound at the Arts and Media Campus in Hamburg.
For three days, international artists and scientists will present their work in the fields of sound design, sound art, electro-acoustic music, and forward-looking audio technologies.
Participants will enjoy a series of informative lectures, hands-on workshops, and interactive panel discussions as well as cutting edge installations and performances at Germany’s most state-of-the-art media campus.

The “EpisodeX”  is having another good opportunity to be presented and performed in public, this time in Hamburg. The project has been accepted as the selected acousmatic composition for the Kling gut! Symposium on Sound art.






Klang Symposium

The “EpisodeX” project is having another good opportunity to be performed in public, this time in Germany. The project has been accepted as the selected acousmatic composition during the Kling gut! Symposium on sound art due June 08-10 2017 in Hamburg – Germany.

International Sound Art Competition /Finalists of The Engine Room Competition announcement

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We are delighted to announce the finalists of The Engine Room 2017: International Sound Art Competition. We received an unprecedented number of high-quality submissions from all over the world and we are pleased to present works from the following artists:

William Aikman (UK) Mathevet Frédéric (France) Amirabbas Mohammadi (Iran)
Simon Bennison (UK) John Grieve (UK) Chris Pulley (USA)
Liliana Carvalho (UK) Myungduk Kim (Germany) Alexandra Spence (Australia)
Jason Charney (USA) Dan Knight (UK) Jojo Taylor (UK)
George Cloke (UK) Otso Lähdeoja (Finland) Xavier Velastin (UK)
Dirk D’Hulster (Belgium) Nolan Lem (USA) Phil Wilson-Perkin (UK)
Laura Daly (UK) Mara Marxt Lewis (UK)

The winners of the competition, selected by The Engine Room’s panel of judges including Tony Herrington, Annie Mahtani and Janek Schaefer, will be announced on the opening night of the exhibition at Morley Gallery on 03 May, 2017.

The Engine Room is a Morley College London initiative, continuing Morley’s legacy as a leading centre for experimental music and sound art. The competition and exhibition are supported by The Wire, IKLECTIK, HHB, Academia, Genelec, and Bigger Boat Distribution.