In words of Le Corbusier “The primordial instinct of every human being is to assure himself of a shelter”, in other words: To take over space.

There are many ways of taking over space, for instance sonically.

Not only we can think about different ways of taking over space, but also we can question the very notion of space itself. According to our understanding, a camera lucida can be considered a space in itself, a space to project or to be projected in fact.

A Flat is an intermedia installation which involves the urge to take over space as well as the will to tune that space into the aforementioned key.

The exhibition presents work from the University of the Arts Helsinki Sound Art course ”Sound in Intermedia Installations”.
The course is a part of the Sound Art & Sonic Arts (SAMA) program, which is a University of the Arts collaborative program that intends to examine sound as a wide-ranging form of contemporary art.
The artistic practices and contexts of sound art stem from the fields of music, sound design, visual arts and performing arts. SAMA combines the expertise of UniArts’ three academies: The Sibelius Academy (Center for Music and Technology), The Academy of Fine Arts (Study Program of Time and Space Arts) and The Theatre Academy Helsinki (Degree and Master Programs of Sound Design) in order to offer an interdisciplinary approach to Sound Art.

The installation is made by Flora Bouteille (Kuva), Francisco García Coronado (Kuva), Jani Hietanen (Aalto Medialab), Kristian Jalava (Kuva) and Amirabbas Mohammadi (Siba-Mute).

A sonic Art Installation project in Vapaan Taiteen Tila – Helsinki (SAMA Project) during the December 2015 under the leading of Josue Moreno. I used a cluster of aluminium cans and the coin motors to create an interactive instrument which was powered by Arduino with the use of different sensors to create the interactivity with the ambience and creating the micro-rhythmic structure with the electronic components and microprocessor.

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