“Uni” means girl in Finnish language and it was my second collaboration with MediaLab of Aalto University. It is a puzzle game about a dreamy girl who should pass from the different obstacle in different levels. Some of the levels are quite tricky and need to achieve a certain control to pass. Lauri Lehtonen worked on the programming on Unity, Silva Kuusniemi and Victor Pardinho were responsible for the art work and they did a great job, I collaborated as the Composer & Sound designer and the Vocal part created by Kamilla Haugaard. 

I tried to create a dreamy ambient music and connect it to the sound elements in different scenes so the most difficult part of this project was to create a sense of floating and flying with tiny variation and always be tuned with the sound elements in different levels of “Uni. The Voice of Kamilla Haugaard gave the dreamy character to the music and made everything also equate with the game.