Love Triangle

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This score was created for Zero Credit Contemporary Ensemble. I was reading about the Schoenberg’s life and his diary and became more and more curious about the different aspects of his life so, at the beginning, his music was like his life for me was sounding strange but after a while, it became more understandable or better to say more sensible! so decided to compose the “Love Triangle”  according to what I read about his life and tried to compose with the different material from Schoenberg, cards and different transition with Mahler and Brahms.

The result for me was a kind of journey from Zemlinsky’s style to Berg and Webern inside this passage there is another stream of the life which I guess got a form and shape to the dramaturgical part of his works and connects these works with the detailed life story between Matilde and Richard Gerstl.

24-27.01.2012: Visit the Schoenberg Center in Vienna
21:04: Preview Instrumental: Institute of Germanic Culture in Bologna
28.04: Performance: Sala Borsa, Bologna
October:  multimedia performance, MAMbo

“Ich bin mein Stil”
Improvisations Clouds Instrument Voices

Elaboration and rewriting of works from the production of “light”, but also by the copious debris material, sketches and sketches by Arnold Schoenberg Chamber Music. A work-in-progress that sees work together instrumentalists, composers, improvisers and visual artists.

The focus is on craft that attitude that allowed Arnold Schoenberg, with different and sometimes unexpected musical means, to talk the language of music with other art forms. The performance wants to return to the game music with lyrics, stories and visual expressions.