“Violimop” is my recent project developed with MaxMSP programme for creating an interactive performance and improvisation with use of OSC (Open Source Control) protocol connected to a smartphone and with reading of accelerometer sensor data output tried to integrate the body movement into the data strings and use them as an input to have a sonic output and define and control the amplitude, timbre, frequency and the reverb mix quantity. The main motive of developing this project is to create more articulation between playing, movement and the electronic part to discover a new language which has more flexibility and more articulation comparing with the traditional one.

From the accelerometer, I could obtain X, Y, Z movements and try to smooth the movements of different objects in MAX to obtain a precise input from the smartphone.  I used “Control v1.31” application on my phone to extract the sensor data and send them via OSC to the MAX programme. The biggest problem is we have massive data transformation between the sensor outputs and the computer which is not really necessary to have them so the very first step is how to define and control our massive data transmission and then how to benefit from them to have an artistic result.

creating the javascript (js) objects were helping me to save the lots of time instead of using the OOP functions to define the infrastructure of the patch.

The patch is still in its primitive phase and still, needs to be improved by different opportunities of performances.