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International Sound Art Competition /Finalists of The Engine Room Competition announcement

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We are delighted to announce the finalists of The Engine Room 2017: International Sound Art Competition. We received an unprecedented number of high-quality submissions from all over the world and we are pleased to present works from the following artists:

William Aikman (UK) Mathevet Frédéric (France) Amirabbas Mohammadi (Iran)
Simon Bennison (UK) John Grieve (UK) Chris Pulley (USA)
Liliana Carvalho (UK) Myungduk Kim (Germany) Alexandra Spence (Australia)
Jason Charney (USA) Dan Knight (UK) Jojo Taylor (UK)
George Cloke (UK) Otso Lähdeoja (Finland) Xavier Velastin (UK)
Dirk D’Hulster (Belgium) Nolan Lem (USA) Phil Wilson-Perkin (UK)
Laura Daly (UK) Mara Marxt Lewis (UK)

The winners of the competition, selected by The Engine Room’s panel of judges including Tony Herrington, Annie Mahtani and Janek Schaefer, will be announced on the opening night of the exhibition at Morley Gallery on 03 May, 2017.

The Engine Room is a Morley College London initiative, continuing Morley’s legacy as a leading centre for experimental music and sound art. The competition and exhibition are supported by The Wire, IKLECTIK, HHB, Academia, Genelec, and Bigger Boat Distribution.



Cessation of Silence: Its time to talk


EpisodeX” will be performing at the beginning of the Cessation of Silence.
Organised by Islington South & Finsbury CLP women’s Forum.


MuTe FEST ’16


EpisodeX” performed in Black Box Hall of Sibelius Acadamy during the MuTe Fest ’16.

MuTeFest’16: New Works from the CMT
Wed 23.11. at 7.00 pm
Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre
Tickets: EUR 6.50 (Ticketmaster), EUR 5 (Music Centre)
New works of composers based at the Centre for music and technology. The concert consists of acousmatic works, live electronics, music for instruments and tape etc.

MuTeFest’16: New Works from the CMT
Ke 23.11. klo 19.00
Black Box, Musiikkitalo
Liput: 6,50 € (Ticketmaster), 5 € (Musiikkitalo)
Uusia Sibelius-Akatemian musiikkiteknologian aineryhmän opiskelijoiden ja opettajien sävellyksiä. Konsertissa kuullaan muun muassa akusmaattista musiikkia, live-elektroniikkaa ja musiikkia perinteisille soittimille ja ääninauhalle.